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We have been told that while Thai Pussam is an Indian Festival, it is now illegal in India!




Yet another cage! While you think it might get boring to keep seeing this, we were kean to watch because, occassionally, there was a SIGNIFICANT variation that could be seen (and I apologise for not catching it on film). Instead of the cage being attached to a leather harnes, the four supporting bars were simply dug right into the flesh about the waist. There bars are abour 2cm thick and penetration was about 3cm to support the wieghty cage. Yikes!




A lot of dudes had their heads shaved and had this weird mustard stuff on it. Even some of the young boys who did not take part in the procession were sporting this look. 

This gave the young men a strange nubile like quality.





This is another variation on the cage contraption. When chains don't really give you the pain you're looking for, skewers directly into your flesh might be what you want.



Now here's a man who's thinking on his feet! Kill two birds with one stone and hook yourself into a light meal of oranges and gourds...




A more fanciful cage.




This guy won my prize for Pain.  Meat hooks digging into his back were used to tow a small shrine.
This is when I finally started to get woozy.