The Final Page
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It must be said that no matter how horrific some of the sacrifices appeared, 
I remained genuinely impressed  with each and every particpant 
even if their ony sacrific was a measly skewer through the face! 
It's all relative and everyone pushed through their pain.  



The comfort of your bed of nails everywhere you go!




With one exception, the women's participation in the procession was limited to either supporting a male pilgrim or walking along with "the pot."







And here is the one women I came across who was the exception. You go Grrl!

She is carrying an ornamental wooden arch which concludes your education on the trio of popular artifacts to bear for such an occasion. There is now no excuse for the "rubber chicken" faux pas!




A cage ornament.




This chinese dude looked the coolest. His very presence in the parade blew my mind. He was surrounded by a posse of fat chinese guys on handphones. There was definitely an aura of "triad" about them. Click on Bruce Lee for a close up...    

And that concludes our Thai Pussam photo exhibition. THE END.