Sunday December 6th Ryan's Moving Day
(where Ryan goes out and has all the fun and Mommy and Daddy do the Moving)
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Today my Mommy and Daddy put all our things into boxes because we are moving house.
Our house is too Small. But we don't have a house to move to yet so we're moving in with my Auntie Shan in Simei.



My Mommie looks happy here but by the end of the day she was so tired, she tried to sleep on Auntie Robin's floor.

I spent the morning playing with Rachel and watching TV.
Auntie Robin says tracking Rachel down with a camera is like trying to pick up a greasy peanut with a chopstick.

All my toys are in boxes now except for Barney and a few cars.

Even When Auntie Robin could get the little worm to sit still, she refused to smile.