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Daddy made a deal with Auntie Lian and Auntie Robin that if they let him keep all his stuff in a spare room at Auntie Robin's house, they could play with me all Sunday.

So first they took me to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve to walk in the Jungle. We walked up many big steps to the top of the hill. It was very hot.

At the park we saw monkeys. After we watched the monkeys for a while, I said, "Now I want to see the elephants." But there are no elephants in the park.

This is me and Auntie Robin at the top of all the steps in the jungle.

Next we went for lunch. Guess where we went! I had a happy meal and got a prize: A little blue ant on wheels! Auntie Robin says, "Ants don't have four legs." She said the prize is an anatomically incorrect piece of plastic junk.

After lunch we went for a River cruise along Boat Quay.

After this, we went back to Auntie Robin's house. Auntie Robin said, "We should have tired you out now." Then Auntie Robin and Auntie Lian fell asleep while I played with my trucks.
Later, my Daddy came to get me and brought more boxes. This is when Mommy tried to sleep on Auntie Robin's floor.
Auntie Robin said she had a nice day but now that she can't use her spare room she says she doesn't know if she got a good deal.

The End of my Moving Day