Ben & Tess's Big Night Out
(where Ryan and Rachel stay at home and Mommy and Daddy wreck the car!)
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We've been living in Simei for almost one week now. On Saturday night when I was sleeping, Mommy and Daddy sneaked out without me! This is what happened...



A man who was "allegedly" drunk hit my Daddy's Car!!!
Auntie Robin said "allegedly" means "so much you can do silly things."

Mommy and Daddy were driving to meet Auntie Robin and Auntie Lian for coffee at 10pm. A truck heading in the opposite direction veered into their path: he was on the wrong side of the road coming right for them!

Daddy had to swerve into the other lane - against the flow of traffic. But it still wasn't enough to avoid the allegedly drunken bastard. That's what my mommy called him - I think it means bad driver. After hitting Daddy's car, he crashed into the ditch and then spent the next 5 minutes trying to restart the engine until the neighbours told him he's crashed and better get out.

Daddy's car got side-swiped. As it did, the side view mirror got knocked off and it crashed through the passenger window into Mommy's head. The doctor at the hospital said, "Good thing you have a hard head." So she ended up with just a few cuts and bruises. But because she went to the hospital, Auntie Robin couldn't take pictures of her.

Daddy didn't look as bad as Mommy but he still complained a lot. This is his elbow.


As it turned out, there just happened to be two mechanics who were driving by and were able to help out. Plus the people living by the crash site were doctors! So the mechanics had a fight about who would get the business.