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Auntie Robin said that the policeman on the scene was almost as cute as me except - unlike me - he's not a camera hog and refused to have his picture taken. All the other officers measuring skid marks and drawing car shapes on the road with chalk weren't really worth photographing.

A motorbike was also involved in the accident but
Daddy never saw it and doesn't know where it came from.

Auntie Robin said "Thank God the kids weren't in the Car!"

Eventually the tow truck arrived (Auntie Robin has to use her special trick enhancements cus it was so dark). It took a while to get the car hooked up cus, as Auntie Robin said, "These Guys aren't Rocket Scientists." Which is true cus they're truck drivers. So it took 15 minutes for them to figure out that it was better to winch up the end that the tire fell off cus otherwise the car wouldn't roll so good.

Auntie Robin had to take a picture of this man for Daddy. He said, "this is the man who towed my car away." In case I never see him again, it's good to have a picture.

Being the heroine that she is, Auntie Lian then drove Daddy for an hour while they followed the tow truck half way across Singapore. All that fuss only to find out the insurance company wouldn't let this mechanic fix Daddy's car unless the truck driver got charged!

The last stop was the Police Post cus even after
talking to 4 policemen, Daddy had to file his own police report.

The End.