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Thursday 8-May-03

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KT & I went to Siem Reap for for days (May 8-11) to wander around the ruins. This page is loading al the images into your cache so that the next pages load quicker. If your connection is slow, leave this page to load a few minutes before continuing.

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our hotel

We stayed at the Angkor Village Resort which is centrally located. I highly recommend them! You can book here.
Most hotels in Siem Reap are of the "Grand Hotel" style. The only one other Khmer style hotel that we noticed which the Pansea - worth checking out.
Potted plants were hung outside the translucent glass of every bathroom - nice touch.

off to Bayon

j0004.JPGThe famous south gate to the ruins. Most people think Angkor is a single temple - but the area is littered with hundreds of temple ruins that go on for 35+Km.
j0005_r1.jpgThe gate is guarded by guys playing tug-of-war with a snake (locally called a "Naga"). According to lore, this giant tug-of-war causes the oceans to churn thus creating the tides.
j0006_r1.jpgOn one se were the nice guys with happy faces... on the other, the grumpy ones.
Kate at the gate

a pig for ML

A little pigs hides under a wagon on the Bayon temple relief.
The faces of Bayon.
And another one.
The ultimate resource for photos of Angkor is the Japanese English site: Angkor-ruins.
Ta Prohm - the famous jungle temple
As we rested under the trees, the temple received a sacred visitor.
She seemed quite at home... and was not alone.
The cows just kept coming!
(Actually there were only 2)

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