Missbossy: On Reflection

Reflections on Myself...

k0008.JPG (60753 bytes) Flying Back from Bali - May 15

j0005.JPG (66862 bytes) My shadow in the sand
near Angkor Wat May 8th

k0007.jpg (51182 bytes) With KT in Ubud - May 14


k0010.JPG (72719 bytes) With KT

Musical Form...  

k0002.JPG (139007 bytes) Komanka - Bali

k0003.jpg (75934 bytes) ditto

j0001.JPG (180568 bytes) Temple of the Sacred Cow - Siem Reap

k0021.jpg (113644 bytes) Neka Museum

Head Case  

k0029.JPG (97072 bytes) At the Neka Museum in Bali:
Art Overload - May 14

g0029.JPG (101823 bytes)
Performing at the Esplanade
May 2