Missbossy Meanders... SINGAPORE

Monday 21-April-03

Nicholl Highway 8:07 am
b0001.jpgI now have to keep a record of all cabs I take not to mention wet markets visited...
Starbucks Marina Square 8:18am
Not so much fuel for though but
anti freeze for early morning bed head
Stuff I can't eat without
becoming hugely fat...AGAIN
Barista Dude  - 8:20am
This is the guy you want making your coffee... Two weeks ago it was some other guy.
Quick learning curve: quick staff turnover...
PS: Jeremy has let me in on a secret:
- you can get a cheap latte by
asking for a cappuccino... they add so much milk it amounts to the same thing
Me in Office Washroom - 5:17pm
They put this stupid sign up at work to improve hygiene standards

This includes some moves that
even Lady MacBeth probably didn't know about.
PS: tip courtesy Suzanne: to wash your hands properly, it should take as long as it would to sing
"The Happy Birthday Song."
Chris & The Twins in her office - 5:18pm
She's saying,
are you going to take the picture or what?
Chris & Photographer in Sync - 5:19pm
After a mere... what 13 weeks (?)
of pregnancy with twins,
Chris is losing the ability to cross her legs.
Victoria Concert Hall - 7:00pm
I arrive early for choir practice as usual.
Bible College Girls - 7:01pm
We're combining with the Bible College and the Singapore Philharmonic Choir for performance of Berlioz's Messe Solennelle on May 2nd. It will be a massive choir and there threatens to be more singers than audience members if the SARS scare stays true to form in keeping people away from public events.

b0015_r1.jpgLim Yau - 7:29pm
LY in form today. Witty but not cranky. I didn't look at my watch once all practice and could have gladly carried on another hour.

"You need to look at me from time to time... I'm not an egotistical conductor... I am an egoist - but not as a conductor... meaning I don't need you to look at me ALL the time. Actually that makes me rather uncomfortable. But from time to time it would be good if you would glance at me to help keep the tempo."


Shane - 7:31pm
Our Pianist.
In the 2nd Row - 20:11pm
There was no hiding only
one row back from the front.
Ditto - 8:12pm
2nd Sopranos in the 2nd row
Break - 9:59pm
Break - 9:02pm
b0023.jpgThe SSO Guy - 9:03
This is the guy who brings the conductor's music out before every show.You know - THAT GUY.
For the esplanade performances he gets a suit... at VCH his attire is rather more casual.I only spoke to him the on time when he was dishing out some SARS advice...

b0024_r1.jpgEvelyn - 9:04pm
The unsung heroin of the SSC - she coordinates all, including water, auditions, music, tickets... and even manages to join in singing.

Happy Choir Member
- 21:06pm

The break has 8
minutes more to run...