A friend asked me to dig up some info on suspension Seat Posts...

Sorry this page is so ugly! I created it using Word and not one of my usual editors. Originally this was just info collected for private use but I figured Hey - who knows who else out there might be hunting down the same info?!          - Robin 1999

Here are all the Different Brands I found on the Web (details below):

  • Answer Body Shock
  • USE Shok Post
  • Moxey
  • Thudbuster


Answer Body Shock suspension seat post ... $137.95


These seem to be the market dominators...

USE Shok Post

XCR: US $149.95

SX: US $124.95

RX: US $134.95






These guys must be the contenders for taking over the market...







Other names mentioned but with no links or don't seem to produce posts anymore...

  • Kalloy
  • Tamerusa http://www.tamerusa.com/
  • CODA http://www.codausa.com/
  • Post Moderne
  • Giani
  • Headshok http://www.headshok.com/

  • SHOKSTER Add on Rear Suspenion

  • And for a wicked Tri bike, look at this: http://www.softride.com/
  • These guys have a wierd and wild handle bar suspension which I saw for the first time two weeks ago on Anthony's Bike (click power stems).



    Some Blab off the Web...

    I have a 96 Specialized Ground Control, full suspension mountain bike which I purchased used for $150. No, it's not stolen I got it from the local bike shop at a tent sale. It was one from their rental fleet. Well here is my question, has anyone had any luck with suspension seat posts? Would they make any more difference with the set up I have? I was thinking of ordering the one probably everyone has seen in Mountain Bike Action, the Post Modern, for 59 bucks, well what do you think? Thanks for any responses!


  • I have used both of the use and tamer sup-seat post and the realy do help but you don't need one that has 2 inches of travel the one I use has 1 inch of travel and thats perfect for fullsups but if you do freeride to then you need the 2 inch post, I ride a kestrel recubion comp that is fully suped it also has softride stem and a tamer sup-seat post which I love and with never get rid of eather of them.

    • I have a USE seat post shock. I really don't notice it much. I does take the edge off real hard bumps, but of course, you have to be in the saddle to have any benefit. I dont know whether it is worth it yet.


    • I just read a online artical on suspension seatposts, and they talked about the USE post. From the review in the artical, I am going to get one asap. nothing bad was said about the post, and from what i read there are 3 models avaible.. one is marketed to be a DH model, there is a XC model, an a road model, from my understanding the DH model runs about $145, but comes with 2" of travel!!!, my butt liked the sound of that... and i heard that it allows for better control of your bike, because you can sit on some parts you normally stand... my opinion is that they are well worth the money, especially if you ride a hardtail, as far as a full suspention... it can't hurt at all....



    A few months ago I read that Rock Shox was releasing a suspension seatpost this summer. Has anyone heard anything or seen it anywhere ??


  • I haven't heard anything about Rock Shox's seatpost but I've seen one by Post Moderne that's only about $60. I have a hard tail and was thinking about getting one of these. Then I realized a seatpost shock would never really help too much because anytime you would really need that back end suspension, you would be off your saddle anyway. You're not going to be sitting when you're blasting down a rocky trail.